Trump Ban From Facebook

TBy Emiree Campbell

Former President Donald Trump has caused a lot of problems for Facebook but banning him alone will not solve the problem. It’s only a matter of time for another political figure to come about and do the exact same thing. I think Facebook should implement a policy to handle these types of things. I also believe that Facebook should be ready for heavy scrutiny from most because no matter their decision they’ll be wrong to someone. I guess what we’re looking at in a nutshell is the safety for the public or upholding someone’s freedom of speech. Will banning Trump indefinitely violate democracy? Will banning Trump solve the dissemination of disinformation? What will Facebook do about future politicians who cause another mayhem? This is not an easy decision and these are questions to think about. 

There is no doubt that Trump’s fully responsible for the attack on the capital back in January. Some people died. This is serious and that is how much impact Trump has on a vast majority. So I understand why Facebook is eager to ban Trump. However, will it solve anything? I don’t know. That is not an easy question to answer. Banning Trump may cause outrage and he’ll find other ways to misinform the public as he once did. Trump after all stated he will form his own social media platform. 

According to an NPR article Trump said Facebook as well as Twitter and Google, had taken away his free speech. He said their actions were “a total disgrace and an embarrassment to our country.” I don’t know exactly how to feel about this. Some part of me finds it hilarious because Trump is an embarrassment to our country with half of the things he has done and still continues to say. However, some part of me believes this to be true. Our freedom of speech is our right granted by the first amendment and although what he said prompted violence to a certain degree it’s warranted. I’m not saying that I miss his presence on any platform to be clear I do not. However, Facebook has to keep these things in mind. Which is why I stress that they implement a policy to handle things as such.

If the decision was up to me I would allow Trump back on the platform where his account will be placed under heavy scrutiny. I would make sure he is aware that lies, hate speech, and Disinformation will not be tolerated. If he does not respect that then I will fall through with an indefinite ban on Trump. Fortunately that decision is not up to me.Hopefully. Facebook makes the right decision if there is any. 

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