Trump Ban From Facebook

TBy Emiree Campbell Former President Donald Trump has caused a lot of problems for Facebook but banning him alone will not solve the problem. It’s only a matter of time for another political figure to come about and do the exact same thing. I think Facebook should implement a policy to handle these types ofContinue reading “Trump Ban From Facebook”

Social Media Versus Lies and False Claims

By Emiree Campbell Misinformation, disinformation, lies and false claims are officially getting out of hand. Social media will succumb to this falsehood with no return. This is not something that can be easily fixed. It will take a miracle to stop the dissemination of lies. An article from Nieman says that the NewsGuard team hasContinue reading “Social Media Versus Lies and False Claims”

YouTube Plays a Huge Role in the Dissemination of Mis and Disinformation

By Emiree Campbell YouTube is a huge social media platform whereas billions of it users post and share content that may or may not be true. The dissemination of mis and disinformation is growing at a pace we can no longer keep up with. Misinformation is false information, however it is not intended. While disinformationContinue reading “YouTube Plays a Huge Role in the Dissemination of Mis and Disinformation”

Journalists Rule Twitter as an Authoritative and Legitimate Power?

By Emiree Campbell According to the Nieman lab article, titled “ When Journalists put tweets in news stories, do they transfer too much power to Twitter?” it states Journalists have transferred some of their own power over presentation of current news to Twitter. At first this statement seemed excessive but when you really think aboutContinue reading “Journalists Rule Twitter as an Authoritative and Legitimate Power?”

Social Media Flooded With Fake News

By Emiree Campbell Fake news has always been a problem. However with the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic and the election, fake news is more dangerous now than ever before. Former President Donald Trump can be the blame. The media was infested with Trump and his publicity stunts for so long that it is possibleContinue reading “Social Media Flooded With Fake News”

Social Media and the Dissemination of Disinformation, a Double Edged Knife towards our Democracy

By Emiree Campbell The correlation between social media and the dissemination of disinformation is very frightening now more than ever. Amidst the pandemic we also have to worry about the aftermath this correlation has caused us and will continue to cause us if not properly addressed. The attack on the capital due to former PresidentContinue reading “Social Media and the Dissemination of Disinformation, a Double Edged Knife towards our Democracy”

Journalism via Social Media: Hate Speech, Disinformation, Russian Law?

By Emiree Campbell Free speech and Social media are not getting along these days. Disinformation is more accessible than ever before. With social media being a big part of our daily lives, conspiracy theories and hoaxes are sure to come our way. Some may ask are officials protecting us from potential danger or abusing ourContinue reading “Journalism via Social Media: Hate Speech, Disinformation, Russian Law?”